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Our Mission Statement

To be our clients most trusted and expert partner in the Civil construction industry, specialising in

  • live sewer works,
  • Quicklock sewer & stormwater pipe repair
  • laser boring
  • underground directional drilling/horizontal bed boring
  • nondestructive digging and hydro excavation
  • sewer manhole construction
  • water tapping's & backflow prevention.

Metro Civil Vic prides itself on being a professional organisation that keeps safety top of mind in all the work we do.

The Metro Civil Vic team will always deliver on exceptional quality of work, efficient completion of projects and superior service that provides a positive customer experience. 

OUR Business Values

  • Our word is our bond
  • We resolve issues in an open and honest way
  • We accept that “two heads are better than one”
  • We will support and train our people
  • We are dedicated to safety, efficiency and improvement