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Quicklock Sewer & Stormwater Pipe Repair

Metro Civil Vic uses the Quicklock system for sewer & stormwater pipe repair. The Quicklock system is manufactured from self-locking stainless-steel sleeves & seamless rubber gaskets, and is capable of repairing many common defects found in sewer & stormwater pipes sized between 150 DN - 800 DN. It is a system where no digging is required and is quick and easy to install.

Quicklock offers increased strength and reduced wear when compared to other repair methods. The special packers are selected depending on the sleeve size and positioned at the damaged section of pipe using modified CCTV system.

Quicklock sleeves can be used as an isolated point-repair, overlapped to cover longer sections of damaged pipe, or even used to compliment other lining systems. Once installed, the compression seal improves the structural integrity of the host pipe and even when installed across articulation joints, the natural flexibility of the steel and rubber materials ensure that the seal remains tight regardless of any ground movement and associated displacement.